Best of bandcamp 2020

Bracket Forestville, California.

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Contact Bracket. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Bracket, you may also like:. Everything from Jesse connects w me. Glad to hear some new goodies nate Super travail, rien entendu de tel depuis la triste perte de Tony Sly. A new track from Pretty Matty finds the band in top form, delivering clean yet crunchy hook-laden power pop with trademark high energy.

Dichoso Corazon by Choked Up. Road and compatriots. Great Band. Great Cause.

best of bandcamp 2020

Influence by Scott Sellers. Elegant Projects. Static Intellect. Jerry Cola.

best of bandcamp 2020

Sanden Totten. Darin Garnett. Matt Horowitz. Casey McHugh. Alex Hovis. David McHank. Andrew Tearpak. Michael Tustin. Marc Leibowitz. Sloan Hurst. Walter Tamulis.

Purchasable with gift card. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Sold Out. A mix of various hidden gems from Bracket's back catalog. Available on vinyl limited edition colored for the first time ever! Hearing Aid 3. Mother To Blame 6. Warren's Song PT. Trailer Park Demo 8.

Imaginary Friend 9. When I Think Of You Or browse results titled :. Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Takuya Kuroda by Noopur Choksi. Tracklist Past Shows Share this Show. Max Clarke goes full singing cowboy on his ambitious sophomore release.

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best of bandcamp 2020

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The releases this month are full of dancefloor passion and drive: The bass music of Manchester, and the jungle reinvention of Seattle; Swiss mystical techno and South African queer punk dancehall. Like Angel Ho, Rose Bonica is also from Cape Town, also musically versatile, and also adept at blending the surreal and the real. These three tracks all explore space, bass, and funk in different permutations, but each one is as irresistibly danceable as any of her material to date.

Be warned, though: It could make you impossibly nostalgic for small, dark clubs in the pre-dawn hours when time ceases to exist. The chords that float through these deep and dark tunes are emotionally rich, and even though the production is super futuristic, you can feel the deep history that runs through it. His generally lengthy tracks and re-edits are almost always well below standard house tempo, and are all about subtle shifts that have devastating effects.

Ten years on from his first release, he remains busy. Combined with his elongated and patient structures, the result feels like the beginning of a whole new flavor of synth minimalism.

This, on the other hand, is anything but minimal. But his style is nonetheless highly recognizable, and whatever other stylistic tics he may have, the values of dub reggae are always close to his heart. But ultimately, all of them are about the chambers of reverb and delay that Parris creates, and the pure bass melodies that propel them along. He cites video games as an early inspiration, and it shows—not just superficially, in the soundtrack-y synth washes; but in the sense that all four of these tracks seem to envelop you in an unreal and fantastical world.

Three of them operate at a techno pace, with hints of UK rave in the rhythms, and all of them evoke flying. Explore music. Bandcamp Daily. Swandive Sully. Rose Bonica. Tears for the Tea Maker Rose Bonica. Mantis 04 Varuna. Loose Lips.Or browse results titled :. Putting together this monthly list is truly one of my favorite activities. Discovering cool new music is, in and of itself, a delightful experience that never dulls with repetition.

But in the context of the dumpster fire, the act of assembling this list has become something of a refuge for me. This month, as every month, this column reflects the worldwide reach of the modern jazz scene, featuring music from Barcelona, Vancouver, Japan, London, Seoul, Oslo, Venice, and both the East and West coasts of the USA. It features some familiar names and familiar projects, as well as new collaborations and debuts.

Recorded live at the Blue Note back in Marchthe music offers an infusion of hope, and as a source of happiness, proves invaluable. On her excellent recording, RootsTomoko Omura adapted well-known Japanese songs, both traditional and recent, into arrangements for modern jazz quintet.

The flowing melodicism of these pieces honored the framework of the original works while still allowing the soloists ample berth to wander far and wide. The violinist continues in that vein on her newest, with the help of guitarist Jeff Miles, pianist Glenn Zaleskibassist Pablo Menares, and drummer Jay Sawyer. Charlotte Greve has been flourishing since she arrived in NYC. The saxophonist has lent her hand to projects that run the gamut from modern jazz to big band to jazz choir to electronic pop.

She seems to be the type of artist capable of following many different creative paths simultaneously. The London scene is a tangled web of collaborations and influences, but one of the artists standing at its center and helping define its sound is Nubya Garcia.

This album is the equivalent of viewing a distant storm—close enough to hear the rumble of thunder, but far enough away that it feels almost comforting. The Great American Songbook is a strong current that sweeps across generations of jazz. It has been the source material for countless players, who have rendered its melodies in both traditional and avant-garde ways. Songs You Like A Lot is the third installment, and where the first two included compositions selected by Hollenbeck himself Songs I Like A Lot and members of his ensemble Songs We Like a Lotfor the most recent session, the selections are culled from listener nominations.

The ebb and flow of singular melodic voices and collective harmonic roars is pretty damn enthralling, and also serves as the launching point for thrilling explorations by the soloists. On Points on an Infinite Linethe collision of gas and dust is mirrored in the interplay between the horns Rosenboom on trumpet and Gavin Templeton on alto sax and the combustible rhythms of double bassist Billy Mohler and drummer-percussionist Anthony Fung.

Jaga Jazzist are a spectral entity. Try to grab hold of any one of the influences that informs their music—modern jazz, Nordic jazz, electronic music, pop, rock, and prog—and your hand will pass right through them.

This is music that is equally capable of soothing those who want to bliss out, and inspiring those who want to get up and dance. The weather forecast may call for free jazz or noise rock or chamber or music avant-garde, but saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi will see to it that, at least for a little while, a state of peace is attained—perhaps via tones thick with serenity, or perhaps in playing that teases a return to chaos.

From a Distance, Everything Shines is a single improvisation, with woodwinds, strings, and percussion, and though it extends out past a half-hour, it still ends far too soon. Adding to the mix some modern jazz, some chamber, some prog-rock, and some Latin music, Alvaro Rojas blends a bevy of influences without dampening the effect of any one of them. The guitarist lets his ensemble wander off into the distance, but always keeps them tethered to an opening melodic statement.

The music shifts back and forth between organic and electronic, but never strays too far away from center. When violinist Meredith Bates and cellist Peggy Lee dig into a piece, it feels like taking flight. This is yet one more example of why more attention should be paid to the Vancouver music scene. They dig into the Great American Songbook, with an emphasis on Ellington and Strayhorn, and give the music a laid-back, casual ambiance that is a bundle of warmth, and friendly as hell.

The music of Filippo Vignato is whimsical and fun and, on the turn of a dime, it can either explode in ferocity or adopt a solemn tone. The trombonist infuses his music with a heavy dose of electronics, and the thrills that result from the collision of these elements are worth the price of admission. Explore music. Bandcamp Daily. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Axiom Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Tomoko Omura.Or browse results titled :. I spend most of my time these days wondering when it will be cool for me to leave my apartment again—and, when that time comes, if there will even be any places left for me to go.

When the album is over, all of the other stuff will still be there. Some of them will be new discoveries, and some will be old favorites of ours. Though Dark Matter is a breezy jaunt through jazz, Afrobeat, and electronica, it was written under precarious circumstances.

Moses Boyd was thinking about Brexit and the Windrush scandal at the time and, as a result, clouds of gloom hover above the festive grooves. There was a darkness there. In the end, Dark Matter is meant to score the resistance. Read our interview with Moses Boyd. England is a Garden sounds fresh and germane in its frank anti-nationalist politics, set to what is really just great pop music, anthemic and catchy as ever.

So, no need for wistful recollections of ye olden days because England is a Garden is here for us, now.

best of bandcamp 2020

The Weather Up There captures the sound of grief—one of the most elusive emotions of them all. A tough-as-nails showing from two of the hottest forces in contemporary hip-hop—the vivacious rapper Denzel Curry and producer-of-the-moment Kenny Beats— Unlocked is the Platonic ideal of the collaborative LP. We named it one of the best records of B uffering juju is a captivating collage of improvised free jazz, an unexpected gem with deep healing powers. Filled with sweet and catchy tunes sung in Swahili, the album was largely recorded on the farm that the Humplicks owned.

The reissue gives a glimpse into the rarely heard music of a trailblazing trio. With a commanding artistic vision and the voice to match, Angelica Garcia captures the vibrant essence of all points east of downtown Los Angeles on Cha Cha Palace. All hail the Kate Bush of El Monte. When Katie Gately was growing up, her mother—a former nun—would listen to Gregorian chants around the house.Or browse results titled :. The taxonomy of contemporary classical music—new music, contemporary music, whatever you want to call it—is a thorny issue.

Composer Michael Harrison studied with both La Monte Young and Pandit Pran Nathand those experiences reinforced a career-long interest in Indian classical music and just intonation, an ancient tuning system where the intervals in a scale are derived not from a constant frequency multiplier but from varying ratios of whole numbers.

This stunning work commissioned by the sublimely versatile vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth is his first piece for a choir, and he worked closely with the group to refine his ideas, responding to recordings of each new iteration to further fine-tune the four-part composition.

The premiere performance—featured here—was given at The Tank in Rangley, Colorado, a disused water tank turned performance space, and its stunningly resonant acoustic properties required Harrison to further tweak the piece. The results are gorgeous; sonorous long tones glide in ever shifting harmonic combinations, each of which hang patiently in the air.

Roomful of Teeth has simultaneously released a much different EP featuring a Wally Gunn piece titled The Ascendanta percussion-driven marvel that somehow brings pop concision to Renaissance-flavored language.

These extended works produce dazzling richness and thrilling psychoacoustic action. Her third solo album features a series of pieces composed by and with Icelandic composers, including some better known for their pop music; there are both meditative instrumental pieces and melodically-rich vocal ones on offer.

The program commissions a work from each winner, recorded by strong ad hoc ensembles that here include violinist Miranda Cuckson and cellist Jeffrey Zeigler. Lee, a piece that seeks to reflect the distortions and discontinuity of a drug-fueled clubbing excursion. But while my brain may not comprehend the methods and math behind the system, my ears still take pleasure in letting the elusive sounds wash over me.

Subsumed in the processing of this version are the faint sounds of passing traffic and pedestrians, as well as natural ambience. This superb new double album expands the way the group often programs its concerts. Like so many other musicians sidelined from performing by COVID, accordionist Frode Haltli —who vividly reps the open exchange and versatility of creative musicians from Norway—took advantage of the free time to document his growing repertoire of solo pieces.

These two new iterations enlisted violinist Erik Carlson and cellist T. Borden to forge mid-range versions of the dirge with exhilarating results. They play together on the first version, which heightens the charged play of interacting overtones, while Carlson goes it alone on the second. The sliding tones toggle between siren-ish swoops, viscous pulsations, and insect-like buzzes, persistently creating microtonal ripples across the vast sea of sound.

The pieces were later recorded in a 15th century church in Basel that was temporarily shut down. These loose texture-rich compositions, redolent of isolation and rumination, use breath and bowing as primary tools, but rather than embracing toothless drones the musicians allowed biting tones to enter into the mix. Explore music. Bandcamp Daily. Roomful of Teeth. Just Constellations Roomful of Teeth. Black Truffle. Gyda Valtysdottir. Epicycle II Gyda Valtysdottir. National Sawdust Tracks.

Hildegard Competition Winners Vol. Giacomo Fiore. New Focus Recordings. Experiments in Living New Focus Recordings. Frode Haltli. Selected Solo Works, Vol.Or browse results titled :. Finding a fitting soundtrack to feels impossible. Some might capture the mood of the interminable present, while others will serve as an escape.

We all need both. His projects were among the first DOD releases, but the label has largely been a champion for a wide-range of rising independent producers like Gnome Beats and Rah Zen. Shimmer, Then Disappear is an excellent introduction to DOD and Cable, a punishingly percussive record that connects subgenres of electronic and beat music far more seamlessly than L.

Metro does neighborhoods. From there, Cable moves into inspired fusions. With an assist from God. If the breadth of well-executed styles on Shimmer, Then Disappear is any indication, DOD will continue to be at the vanguard of beat music in L.

There is a fine line between celebrating your accomplishments and resting on your laurels. JUCO finds L. The eclecticism therein reflects the diversity of music in L.

This is peak roller rink bounce, a track best enjoyed while gliding along a strobe-lit parquet floor. You can hear fragments of each producer in his music: Afrofuturistic sonic maximalism Gjagged and off-kilter chops Knxesoteric samples and a penchant for jazz Madlib.

He releases jazz as Jamal Deanraps as Jasikand has dropped dozens of beat tapes as Jira. Ghetto Echoes is the latest of the latter, a synthesis of his influences that often sounds haunted. Somewhere between eeriness and wonderment, it captures the feeling of staring into the unknowable night. The title track is a brilliant fusion of jazz and hip-hop, as discordant brass sounds around organic drum rolls and swinging programmed drums.

A blue-hued bit of neo-soul, Jira channels Dilla with help from vocalist Sharada Shashidhar. This time, there are no features. Rather than pulling from single locales e. Loop-driven beats that sample soul e. You can play Supa K: Heavy Tremors in sequence, on shuffle, or rearrange to your liking.


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