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There is no RationalWiki without you. We are a small non-profit with no staff — we are hundreds of volunteers who document pseudoscience and crankery around the world every day. We will never allow ads because we must remain independent. We cannot rely on big donors with corresponding big agendas. We are not the largest website around, but we believe we play an important role in defending truth and objectivity. A cryptid is an animal claimed to exist, but for which there is no type specimen or formal description.

The claims can be made either by cryptozoologists people who attempt to use scientific methods to discover such creaturesor by people who think they saw a strange creature. Cryptids are reported from many parts of the world, but some have achieved worldwide fame despite, or perhaps because of, consistent lack of proof of their existence.

These include:. Mythical beasts such as dragons or unicorns are not cryptids — nobody who isn't batshit crazy still seriously claims that they exist. Via study and simple science, unknown creatures have often been inserted into mainstream science.

Examples include. Some creationists state that reports of surviving dinosaur -like creatures in remote parts of the world disprove evolution and prove a young earth for example, the bunyip or the Mokele-mbembe.

There is even a website devoted to this topic: Genesis Park. Creationist "forensic videographer" [1] Jonathan Whitcomb tried to convince people that there were still living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea in his book Searching for Ropens and his less-disingenuously titled sequel Searching for Ropens and Finding God.

He offered, by way of evidence, some local mythology and blurry photos and video of what is likely a frigatebird. Why surviving dinosaurs would disprove evolution when known Mesozoic survivals such as magnolias, sharks and crocodilians do not is not adequately explained. Hint to creationists: dinosaurs actually survived the Mesozoic, they're called birds.

Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigationsearch. Woodley of Menie Thylacine v - t - e. For more information, see: Examples of famous cryptids. For more information, see: Examples of non-famous no-longer-cryptids. Categories : Cryptozoology Myths and legends. Namespaces Page Talk.

Views Read Edit Fossil record. Support Donate. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? This page was last modified on 1 Januaryat Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki:Copyrights.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The werewolf, or lycanthrope, is commonly described as a person with the poop painting ability to transform into a wolf or wolf-like humanoid, whether by choice or by uncontrollable forces, like a full moon.

The werewolf is said to have extra-human senses and strength far beyond that of a normal wolf or human. According to legend, the werewolf can be identified in its human form by its low-set ears, curved fingernails, swinging stride, eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose and bristles under the tongue. Some claim that, if cut, a werewolf will have fur in its wound.

In its wolf form, the werewolf of legend commonly looks like a regular wolf with no tail, human eyes and the capability of speech.

The idea that a werewolf is created through the infectious bite of another werewolf is a modern invention. Werewolves of legend were commonly evil men who voluntarily performed witchcraft in order to become a werewolf. One common method was to remove all of one's clothing and wear a belt made of wolf skin. Other methods included drinking rainwater from a wolf's paw print, sleeping outside on a specific night and letting the full moon shine on one's face and performing a Satanic ritual involving magic ointment and an enchanted girdle.

It was also believed that those who invoked God's wrath or were excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church were turned into werewolves by divine punishment.

And some were simply born into lycanthropy, notably those with epilepsy or children birthed on new moons. Silver bullets may stop a werewolf in Hollywood, but there's no evidence of this belief prior to the 20th century. It was commonly believed that rye and mistletoe would stop a werewolf in its tracks, but not kill it.

Others believed that if one's house was situated under a mountain ash, it would be safe. Wolfsbane was also believed to ward off werewolves. In medieval Europe, alleged werewolves were commonly cured through medical or surgical means, or through exorcism.

Others believed that repeating the werewolf's Christian name three times, or scolding it, would destroy the curse. Some historians believe the werewolf legend was conceived to explain the activity of serial killers. Cyclic attacks, mutilation and cannibalism were all characteristics of alleged werewolf attacks and are commonly ascribed to serial killers today.

cryptids wiki

The wolf being the most feared predator in Europe at the time, it was perhaps inevitable that it ended up being partially blame for the slaughters.

Rabies may also explain some werewolf beliefs. Today few believe in werewolves, though sightings are still reported. Related: Skinwalker See also: Lost Tapes. Categories :. Cancel Save.This does not apply to anything that is widely acknowledged as existing. For example, the deathclaw was presumed to be a rumor or hoax in New California around[1] but other regions of post-war America had many confirmed sightings beforehand. Cryptids were largely assumed to be superstition by the majority of the populace, with cryptozoologists, like Shelby O'Rourkebeing taken as seriously as a child in a lab coat.

While considered to be hoaxes and superstition, cryptids still played a large part of the culture before the war as well, with examples of this cryptid craze coming from Point Pleasant erecting a Mothman statue, Vault-Tec University 's football team called the Fighting Wendigos[4] Tales from the West Virginia Hills focusing on a different cryptid for each of its stories and Grafton holding a local holiday where the "Grafton Monster" would appear in the parade and the real Grafton Monster appearing in it after the Great War.

After the Great War, cryptids began to appear far more often than they ever had before. This was noted by Shelby O'Rourke from her shack in The Mire where she theorized that the near extinction of the human race made room for cryptids to come out of hiding.

Multiple species of aliens appear throughout the Fallout series. One race being the zetans from Fallout 3 that have appeared in each subsequent game. The chupacabra Spanish for "goat-sucker" is a legendary creature of Puerto Rican origin.

cryptids wiki

In Fallout: New VegasNo-bark Noonan calls an invisible nightkin a chupacabra, after it has killed several brahmin around the town of Novac. Zetan aliens tasked with capturing test subjects for experimentation, Flatwoods monsters are stealthy kidnappers, grabbing victims and teleporting away before they knew what hit them, [7] [8] their mere presence telepathically warping the mind of all but the most iron-willed. In pre-War West Virginia, near the town of Flatwoods, many claimed to see a dark, mysterious figure with glowing eyes.

Post-War, however, these accounts are becoming more and more real, with accounts of wastelanders being taken away and subjected to vile experimentation; a blinding light their only memory of the ordeal. The spirits of the dead that have been trapped in our earthly plane that had unfinished business or failed to attain something valuable to them.

Based on Anna Winslow's actions in her quest, after attaining the item they need most, the ghost will disappear with the item, leaving only a pile of bones.

The Grafton monster, once a cryptid associated with West Virginiawas made flesh by West Tek 's experiments at their Huntersville facility. Using the FEVS strain on October 23,scientists created a stable - if horrifying mutation.

Based on the snallygaster strain, researchers tweaked the genome, producing a giant that shattered the containment unit, but was otherwise stable excepting the absence of a discernible head. The resulting monster is headless, hairless and has a grayish color skin with a leathery texture. It stands around 7. The mutations that turned it into a powerhouse have also turned its skin and led to the development of glands that can eject globs of corrosive, oily substance in a wide area around it.

Priblos' Curios sign. The jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore a fearsome critter described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. The word jackalope is a portmanteau of jackrabbit and antelope.

All jackalope taxidermy mounts are simply novelty items or hoaxes, as they are mounted made with deer antlers.Cryptid conspiracies involve a number of beings from Pre-civilizationevidence of which is allegedly suppressed by institutions such as the Smithsonian. Some are believed to have intelligent control. Anunnaki are depicted on steles and murals as winged humanoid beings of mysterious origin.

According to Akkadian legends, they were supposedly the creators of a humanoid species, possibly even Homo sapiens. Long thought to be myths, Dwarves are now labeled with the scientific name Homo floresiensisand nicknamed the Hobbit.

Some scientists are still unable to accept this fact, and suggest that dwarfism could be the reason for their short stature, [1] while others have said they could have migrated 'Out of Africa' around 1. They are a very elucive species, so not much information is available about them. Atacama skeletonnicknamed Ata is a 6" skeleton found in La Noria town in the Atacama region of Chile.

She had hardened teeth, 10 ribs instead of the usual 12, giant eye sockets and a long skull that ended in a point.

List of cryptids

Comparing Human bone development, her age was identified as a year old. Her DNA was mostly Human of local origin, except for "2. Vavita mummy was found in Peru, among other mummies, one of which was tested to be The remains have been stolen. Alyoshenka was a living breathing 9" telepathic humanoid creature, found inin the forest of Kyshtym, Russia. After it's death, forensic examination confirmed it to be a deformed "human foetus" [7] Kyshtym is a town near the Kyshtym disaster, the 3rd worst Nuclear disaster, after Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters.

So, mutations are very much possible. Maybe, even the whole society of tiny inter-dimensional humanoid biengs with superpowers have actually evolved mutated from humans.

Or, maybe they have evolved in parallel to Homo sapiens, from a branch of tiny apes. Long known to the World, records of Giants were erased by the scientific community, possibly because it contradicted Darwins' Theory of Evolution, and the 'Out of Africa' model. The species we call 'Greys' are not native to the Earth, and may be extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional species. They were like Humans in speech, clothing, habitations, funerals, consecrations etc.

They were like monkeys, in respect to leaping, facial-hair, fur and a strong muscular tail. Their domain is in the Underground cities or underwater, a realm called Nag-lok or Patal-lok. Mirza Khan's 'Tuhfat al-hind' states that Prakrit was known as Patal-bani "Language of the underground" or Nag-bani "Language of the snakes".

According to legends, most Nagas are benevolent, such as Patanjali, Quetzalcoatl, and Guardians of various 'Gods' like Vishnu, Shiva, etc. Some Nagas do have Malevolent agendas, such as the Greek Hydra. When they have nurtured their bodies and acquired strength, they then enter the pools.

From the pools they enter the lakes, then the streams, then the rivers, and finally they enter the ocean. There they achieve greatness and expansiveness of body.

List of cryptozoological bears

If the definition of 'Nagas' is extended to mean snake-like, then their legends can be found in almost every continent. Egyptian pharaohs viewed Wadjet, a snake-like goddess as the symbol of divine authority, represented by Uraeus the sculpture of an Egyptian cobra, on their crown.

Sightings of Nagas in their partial human-serpent form, in the water, may have given rise to legends of mermaids. Oblong heads [10]. Oblong heads ancient elongated skulls were bieng explained away as Artificial Cranial Deformation ACDwhich is a practice in certain tribal cultures, of purposely binding a baby's head to elongate it.

The modern explanation is that it is a genetic deformity, Craniosynostosis.So many cryptid bears wouldn't be cryptids if someone would take the time to examine their specimens. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. MacFarlane Bear The bears listed here are not recognised officially by scientists.

A couple of them have specimens that have been collected, but nothing has ever been done to show that they are new species. Sadly, many cryptid bears are thought to have gone extinct in very recent times.

cryptids wiki

List of cryptid bears Edit Nandi Bear ; A huge, ferocious carnivore, the very mention of which brings fear to all native warriors. The nandi bear is supposedly a huge strictly carnivorous bear with 6 toes on each foot, a reddish or tan coloured coat, and a habit of hiding in trees and ripping people's heads Nandi Bear open. It's unearthly howls can be heard more often than it is seen. It is though to be either a giant hyaena, a chalicothere ancient horse-like mammalor a giant bear.

Bergman Bear ; Stan Bergman killed an enormous black bear, similar to the irkuiem, that was truly gigantic, exceeding all other bears in size. There is a folkloric history of these bears amongst the local Siberians, and Russian hunters have claimed to have killed them before. MacFarlane Bear North West Territories NA ; McFarlane's bear is an unusual bear, with cream-coloured hair and a head that looks more like some extinct species than any living bears.

One was shot near the Anderson River, and it's skin and skull are somewhere in the Smithsonian. If someone would take the time to go through the museums archives, they might be able to "discover" this cryptid.

cryptids wiki

One woman from Kodiak Island remembers vividly how her father once killed a giant white bear with hairy paws. Possibly the same species as McFarlane's bear. Adam's Hedgehog-bear California NA ; "Grizzly" Adams reported seeing a strange creature, a bear with it's back and sides covered with spines like a hedgehog.

No other creatures like this have been seen, and Adams may have made it up. Possibly a modern species of short-faced bear, considering the only known bear in SA, the spectacled bear, is descended from the short-faced bears. Probably descended from the short-faced bears, or maybe a colour-phase of the spectacled bear. African Dwarf Bear Morocco and neighbouring North African countries ; A small, dark grey or brown coloured bear which is said to live in the Atlas Mountains and in nearby Morocco.

Most probably a remnant population of the atlas bear, the last of which were supposedly killed off by the Romans. Either a species descended from the short-faced bears, or a pygmy race of the brown bear. Animals in the tropics are smaller than their northern kin, so it would make sense if a South American brown bear was a lot smaller than a grizzly or Kodiak. Bears have been extinct in China for a long time, but it is possible that a population has survived.

Most likely a white population of brown or black bears, like the kermode bear from British Columbia. Perhaps a new species. Probably not a true bear, but an animal like the binturong. The binturong is a huge palm civit huge for a palm civit is about 4 feet long that somewhat looks like a small bear.

The Murung River creature could a be a second, much larger species of binturong. Elkhorn monster bear elkhorn wisconsin is a large type of bear that has a face which resembles that of a dog.

Cryptids (Call of Duty)

The elkhorn monster bear has a size and shape which closely resemble that of the excinct bear aroductus.A Goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous creature; a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom. Goblins are tricksters, and are known for rearranging items in the house, tangling horses, banging pots and pans, removing the clothes from sleeping humans, knocking on doors and walls and even digging up the graves to scatter the bones around. Goblins like to borrow horses and ride them all night.

If a horse is tired in the morning, it is said a goblin rode it. If a horse is panicking, the goblin is trying to mount it. Goblin women steal human babies, replacing them with ugly goblin babies. Goblin babies are sometimes known as "oafs" or "crimbils". Mine goblins make knocking noises by stricking pickaxes and hammers against the stones.

Some miners take the resulting sounds as a sign of good luck, believing they indicate the presence of rich deposits of ore. Other believe that they Kobolds and Wichtlein just imitate the miners to fool them. As a death companion he is sometimes accused to cause underground fires or warn for the coming deaths. To avoid the Knockers' wrath, a pastie traditional miner meal should be left for them. The English Hobgoblin loves to live in homes where he makes much trouble for the people who live there.

Still others of the family prefer grottos, often residing in the same one for their entire life. One fabled origin for Goblins is in France, in a cleft of the Pyrenees, from which they spread rapidly throughout Europe. They hitched a ride with Viking ships to get to Britain. The Gap of Goeblin is a hole and underground tunnel in France. They are especially important mythical creatures in Korean folklore.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. They are attributed with various sometimes conflicting abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins have been classified as constantly annoying little creatures somewhat related to the Gnome. They are usually depicted as small, sometimes only a few inches tall, Artist's rendition of a Goblin.

Yeti (cryptid)

They also often are said to possess various magical abilities. They can be very greedy and love money. They can also shapeshift into animal forms. Behavior Goblins are tricksters, and are known for rearranging items in the house, tangling horses, banging pots and pans, removing the clothes from sleeping humans, knocking on doors and walls and even digging up the graves to scatter the bones around.

Locations The English Hobgoblin loves to live in homes where he makes much trouble for the people who live there. Categories :.This is a list of cryptidswhich are animals presumed by followers of the cryptozoology pseudoscientific subculture to exist on the basis of anecdotal or other evidence considered insufficient by mainstream science.

While biologists regularly identify new species following established scientific methodologycryptozoologists focus on entities mentioned in the folklore record and rumour. Entities that may be considered cryptids by cryptozoologists include BigfootYetithe chupacabrathe Jersey Devilthe Loch Ness Monsteror Mokele-mbembe. Related pseudosciences include young Earth creationism[1] [2] ghost huntingand ufology.

Some dictionaries and encyclopedias define the term "cryptid" as an animal whose existence is unsubstantiated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article.

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Lagarfljot river worm caught on film". The Independent. Velasquez 31 October


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