Ginny rejects harry fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Draco Malfoy is very nervous. In approximately 30 Minutes and 49 seconds, he would face his trial.

The Trial that determines his fate. But when the tables are turned, instead of going to Azkaban and probably a Dementor's kiss, he finds his mates? When Lord Voldemort tried to kill Harry he lost his body and unintentionally made him his last Horcrux.

A Horcrux inside a growing child might affect it more than one likes to think. There is a new teacher in Hogwarts, who could it be? What does Severus Snape have to do with it?

What secrets will be discovered and what will this mean for Harry? Dumbledore bashing. Good dark side. During Harry's fifth year. Adopted Harry.

Harry is tired of being dumbledores golden boy after so he starts to fight back in his own subtle ways, throughout Harrys new ideal he gets closer to certain potions master. Draco Malfoy's post-war life is ordered, and safe, just as he needs it to be. When a potions incident results in a houseguest, the order is soon disrupted, and Draco finds that he needs to face a number of things he's been trying to ignore, including his unresolved feelings about Harry Potter.

Having succeeded in bringing Tom back, Harry and Helena have to be even more careful. Dumbledore has loudly declared "Voldemort" to be back, despite the twins both denying that anything happened directly after the third task and the ministry is out for the old goat.

A busy year is waiting for them as they prepare for their O. L exams at the end of the year and have to dodge Dumbledore and his pawns even more as their soulmarks have shown themselves. Harry got fed up with the Light side, with the help of the Goblins of Gringotts he was able to make a full proof escape. Oh and this starts right before fifth year. They were not meant to meet, yet, they did. One who had no memories and one of magic, being friends they now face the horrors that await them.

What if Dobby bound himself to Harry without Harry knowing about it? How would that influence the story? A child is stolen, two and maybe three die in one night, four are searching, and five are reunited. A meddling headmaster overstepts his boundaries againby stealing the baby of a redhead and a brunet and gives him to another redhead and a raven head. He should of expected the parents of the baby to search for their missing son. Say goodbye to your former ways Wizarding Britain!

This family will drag you kicking and screaming into better ones. You're making your world worse! Not better!When Ginny momentarily rejects Harry at Bill's Wedding to show him how hurt she felt after he pushed her away at Dumbledore's funeral, Harry decides to keep everyone safe by leaving on his own. With the Wizarding World going to hell in a hand basket, can Ginny find Harry and convince him to return not only to the Wizarding World but to her too?

I'll try to have the whole story up by the end of Sep It was the same crazy yet homey looking place to him. He loved it in every way except one right now. There was a feisty petite redhead inside that he desperately wanted to hold but knew he shouldn't. He was not sure how she would react to him right now. So it was with some fear and trepidation that he entered the Weasley household. Ron seemed to understand and stayed closer to Hermione than Harry in case lightning should strike, although Harry knew his friend had a secondary reason for that distance.

Over the month the trio had stayed at the Dursleys, his two best friends had come to a more cooperative understanding. That did not mean they had not bickered, Harry thought that would always be a constant in their relationship, but the level had been toned down, for which he was grateful.

Harry and Ginny - After the war #112

They had left his relatives' house this morning, the morning of his seventeenth birthday. He never had to, and never planned to, return again. Out of some fragment of kindness, the origin of which was steeped in mystery as far as he was concerned, he had advised Aunt Petunia to move as soon as possible to avoid problems should someone come looking for him.

Given her frosty expression, he assumed they would not take his advice and he had decided not to care one way or the other. From his aunt's house, they had traveled to the Ministry of Magic via Knight Bus for Harry to take his Apparation test, and for Ron to retake it.

Both boys had passed, so here he was at the Burrow. It was eight days before the wedding, which was the Saturday after next; in turn, that was three days before Ginny's birthday.

He had surprised his friends by taking a few minutes to get a birthday present for Ginny while they were out. He figured it would be easier this way as he was not sure when he would be able to get away in the next week. As they stepped into the house, they were greeted by the matriarch of the Weasleys. She greeted each with a "hello" and a hug. With Harry, she continued beyond that. Did those Muggles feed you enough? He did not get to answer though, as his friend beat him to it.

If it wasn't for Hermione being able to Apparate to the store for extra food, I think we would have starved to death. His mother shot him a disapproving glance for interrupting, but she told them, "Follow me, I have lunch ready.

When they had sat down, Hermione turned to her hostess and asked the question that had been burning in her mind since they had arrived. Try as she might, she had gotten very little from her friend on the couple's breakup, other than Harry saying, "It's for the best. They mostly ate in companionable silence. The various topics relating to their upcoming quest had been thoroughly discussed over the last month, at least based on what information Harry presently had from Dumbledore.

It was also information that was to be shared only between the three of them. When they took their plates to the sinks, Hermione asked, "Mrs. Weasley, is everything set for the wedding? Do you need any help?Sometimes momentous events are set off by the most simple, innocuous things and such it is with the beginning of our story. One simple phrase, spoken without thought about its consequences, changed history and set in motion events that would shake the world.

So let us begin, intrepid readers to follow that course of history and learn what we will so that you might understand what you might be capable of in your own life. One simple phrase was all it took. Ginny had already turned and spoke half over her shoulder, her thoughts already on seeing the boy she had spoken with at the end of the previous school year.

She never saw the crestfallen look that overtook Harry's face at her simple words and she never heard his pained reply of "Yeah, okay then. She was several steps down the corridor, only subliminally hearing his "Goodbye, Ginny," spoken with such hurt and despair. Still smiling with her thoughts mainly on seeing the boy of which she was thinking, she turned back toward Harry. But to her surprise Harry had already walked away, almost to the door that led to the next train car.

Shrugging her shoulders, she returned to her previous course and went to sit with Dean and his friends. It wasn't till much later in the trip when things began to make them known in her mind, but by then it was to late for the course of the world had changed already. Harry felt his heart drop as he heard Ginny's words. He had thought they had become so much closer this past summer spending time together at the Burrow. Fighting back the hurt and pain, he quickly turned and made his way away from where he was.

He didn't want Ginny to see just how much she had hurt him. He was barely aware of the looks and stares that he received as he made his way down the corridors of the train. He had no destination in mind as he walked dejectedly away from the scene of his rejection. Though Ginny hadn't meant it as such, that was how Harry perceived it.

The worst because of his treatment at the hands of his relatives, mainly his Uncle, when he had returned home at the end of the previous school year. He was more vicious than usual in his treatment of Harry and it had taken several weeks for the worst of the injuries to heal. He also had considered it the best because of what had happened when he was finally free of the prison that his relative's house always was and he had showed up at the Burrow, the home of his best mate, Ron, one of Ginny's older brothers.

Unlike in past years when he had come to visit, Ginny had been a more prominent companion of the former three.Face Down. Track This Story: Feed. New Account. Print Chapter Report Abuse. Harry walked the quiet halls.

ginny rejects harry fanfiction

It was a little before curfew and he needed to take a walk without his companions to clear his head. Harry was on his way back to the common room when a sharp pain went through his stomach, almost like he was being stabbed. Harry gasped and clutched his stomach expecting to feel blood on his fingers, but there was none.

He leaned against the wall as the pain intensified. The pain got too much for Harry and he slid down the wall. He tried not to make any noise as he stood to walk to the infirmary. He took three staggering footsteps before he collapsed to the ground. Harry heard footsteps approaching and he tried to get up.

Harry heard a voice above him calling his name. He knew the voice all too well. He heard a small groan like whimper come from Harry. Draco was immediately at his side. He placed a hand on Harry. Harry groaned. Draco lifted Harry and slung an arm around his neck. Harry was slowly starting to feel better.

Half way to Madame Pomfrey Harry began taking a bit of weight off of Draco. She was in the room a second later pulling Harry from Draco and laying him on a bed. Draco stood for a minute shocked before climbing into the bed. Harry instantly cuddled up to Draco grabbing on to his hand, lacing their fingers together.

Draco nodded. He was confused beyond belief but did as the professor instructed. Madame Pomfrey arrived a few minutes later with a few potions floating behind her. Harry breathed in deeply before opening his eyes. Draco was confused by the crypticness of the question.

Harry sighed he knew exactly what she was talking about. He knew her next question and knew she was going to reprimand him. Harry cringed slightly.

ginny rejects harry fanfiction

Madame Pomfrey gasped. It is almost May! You would not have lasted the week or even the night had he not found you! How could the savior of the wizarding world be so foolish, suppressing his natural instincts? Madame Pomfrey sighed.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

ginny rejects harry fanfiction

Letter 1 2. Letter 2 3. Letter 2. Letter 3 5. Letter 4: Letter From the Past 6. Letter 5 7. Letter 6: Nargles Are To Blame 8. Letter 7 9. Letter 8 Letter 9: Giga Slave! Letter 10 Letter Pirate Emperor's Wife Letter Ministry of Greed Letter 13 Letter 14 Letter 15 Letter 16 A couple of days later than planned, but I can now announce the results of the February - March Dumbledore Silver Trinket Awards are as follows. The third edition of the Buried Gems in presents you a story written in It was a hard to decide for me which story by cwarbeck to choose as the todays Buried Gem as they all are gems, but here we go She comes up with a plan — an ingenious, infallible, perfect, foolproof plan — but how was it supposed to work if Harry seemed to be everywhere she looked?

Feel free to check out cwarbeck's other stories and let us know what you think. If you want to nominate your favourite story for the Buried Gems, just leave a comment or send an email to gin yahoo. The nominated stories should have been published on SIYE in or earlier, and they should be completed.

ginny rejects harry fanfiction

As always, it would be nice if you could tell us with a few lines what you liked best about the story and why you recommend it.

For an overview of all Buried Gems we had so far, please follow this link. Apologies for being a bit late opening the voting, but the world is a bit crazy right now. I hope everyone is staying safe. Congratulations to the winners, some excellent stories we've had over the last year. Nominations are open again for the February - March trinkets so don't forget to nominate your favourites! I'm not sure how deeply buried the today's Buried Gem really is because somehow it's a classic published on a handful of fanfiction sites.

However, it's definitely a gem and since it's been written init fulfils the requirement of a Buried Gem nomination. Hence, I present you the Buried Gem The Awakening Power by Sib.

Summary: Challenges fill Harry's busy sixth year: growing powers, Snape becomes defense teacher and Harry's not in the mood for abusea new Potions teacher, a girl with a new crush on him, Quidditch, Voldemort, and a certain redheaded girl named Ginny who may help him through it all. What are the goblins up to?

Will Ron win Hermione back?Also available as: Epub pdf mobi lit txt. It is now only a week before school returns to session, and finding him before then is a lost cause. He has to return, if only because of his friendships with others here.

I cannot see him forsaking them, especially since he did not write to anyone except Miss Granger this summer. I am not certain as to how, but I suspect that Harry is behind that as well. Dumbledore gave the Potions master an indulgent smirk.

You will likely recognise the name. Nymphadora, I have procured your services as an undercover agent within the school. While you do not qualify as a potential Black wife, you would easily qualify as a Potter wife. I do not believe that Amortentia would be problematic to use for you as well.

Between the Weasley girl and yourself, we should be able to regain and then retain control of Harry. When it was pointed out that the Ministry's own choice was less than satisfactory - to be gentle in the phrasing - they permitted me greater latitude in hiring.

Most of the students I've run across that weren't in Severus's House have told me that they think I was the best teacher for that class you've ever had. Well, except for the Death Eater. I'm sure that with the promise of more information about his family, I can get Harry back under control for you.

Cho Chang lay on the bed, panting heavily, trying to calm her breathing down. The sheen of sweat on her golden skin was drawing admiring looks from the others in the room.

She's laying there naked and sweaty and so damned sexy that I wish I wasn't vowing to keep her virgin until we can get married. I have had so many fantasies about this girl that involved her naked and sweaty, and I discover that the reality is even better than my imagination. That's actually true for all three of you. What I imagined was nothing like the glorious reality. The only way to describe it was that he worshipped me when he made me his wife in fact as well as in law.

As Heidi undid the knots in the silk ropes holding Cho gently to the bed, Cho admitted, "I've had this recurring fantasy that you came into the locker room after a practice or a game and pressed me against the edge of the shower. Gently - always gently - but you'd whisper in my ear that you were taking what was yours, and then you'd fill me in those fantasies.

You'd force my hips back so that I had to lean against the wall, and then you'd pound me, Harry. I dream of our bodies slapping together. Forcing yourself on a willing me. In other words, a rape fantasy with a man that won't rape her.

He cocked his head. She feels safe enough around me to know that if I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, or rip her blouse open, that I'm actually aroused, rather than doing it in anger.


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