Huawei olt configuration

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. VLANs of different types are applicable to different scenarios. Standard VLAN. Only available to Ethernet ports and specifically to network management and cascading.

The traffic streams of these ports, however, are isolated from each other. In addition, the traffic streams of different VLANs are also isolated.

The traffic streams in different VLANs are isolated from each other. A gateway device positioned for small office and home office SOHO users. The HGW supports routing and remote management and diagnosis.

A technology that enables users to order any program in a VoD program library. During program playing, users can perform operations, such as pause, fast forward, fast rewind, and program locating.

User experience in watching a multicast program is the same as that in watching a traditional TV program. A network that uses the point-to-multipoint P2MP network architecture. It uses optical fibers to transmit data, supports more users with less optical fibers, and provides high access rates.

A network that consists of optical fibers and passive optical components, such as one or more optical dividers. Optical network terminal ONT. A user terminal that provides various ports for users. Split ratio. A ratio used for dividing a downstream optical signal into sub-signals in the PON system. A greater split ratio will result in high optical power for signal transmission over the same physical distance. Fiber to the home FTTH.

A type of network that provides high bandwidths for home users. User-facing provider edge U-PE. A supplier routing device that connects to the router of a customer edge CEwhich is an OLT in this document.

An aggregation router, which provides aggregation and route forwarding functions for access devices. A type of network that centers around softswitches and uses an open and standardized architecture. It provides voice, video, and data services. It provides voice, data, and multimedia services.After all profiles are configured, perform the following steps to issue them to the device:.

In a line profile, a GEM port can be bound to up to eight service streams. Set the port capability set to adaptive.

huawei olt configuration

Then, the system adapts the port capability set of an online ONT to its actual capability. Traffic is scheduled based on the priority specified in the profile. HGH is used as an example. Check whether the user successfully gains access to the Internet through dialup on the PC. GEM port ID for voice services: IP address of the MGC server: If the upper-layer network requires isolation of media streams from signaling streams, create different traffic streams for the media streams and signaling streams on the OLT.

It is globally unique.

GPON HSI with Basic Service Configuration (HUAWEI)-OLT side configuration

Do not configure Directory Number. Check whether the telephone functions properly. Connect two common telephones phone 1 and phone 2 to two TEL ports on the ONT and test the dialing between phone 1 and phone 2.

In normal cases:. IP address of the SIP server: The parameters of the SIP-based voice user must be consistent with the corresponding configuration on the softswitch. GEM port ID for video services: Multicast program: dynamic obtaining mode. The values of Program match mode are as follows:. The user can watch programs on TV. The broadband remote access server BRAS provides broadband user access and functions of authentication and accounting.

Procedure Implement pre-configurations. NOTE: After all profiles are configured, perform the following steps to issue them to the device: In the information list, right-click the record and choose Download to NE from the shortcut menu.

In the dialog box that is displayed, select the required NE sand click OK. Result Check whether the user successfully gains access to the Internet through dialup on the PC.

The user gains access to the Internet on the PC after the dialup is successful.ONT web pages for configuring them have differences; however, they have the same configuration parameters. For differences on web pages, see the related ONT manuals. This scenario provides fine-grained management channels and service control, and mainly applies to Layer 3 networking.

The following table describes the configuration steps. Configuring the H. The global configuration of link aggregation and queue scheduling based on priorities ensures service reliability. The global configuration of security policies ensures service security. GEM port ID for management services: Service profile: A service profile provides the service configuration channel for the ONT that is managed by using optical network terminal management and control interface OMCI. Alarm profile: An alarm profile contains a series of alarm thresholds to measure and monitor the performance of activated ONT lines.

When a statistical value reaches the threshold, the host is notified and an alarm is reported to the log host and the NMS. Run the display dba-profile command to query the existing DBA profiles in the system. If the existing DBA profiles in the system cannot meet the requirements, run the dba-profile add command to add a DBA profile.

Note that the sum of the fixed bandwidth and the assured bandwidth must not be greater than the total bandwidth of the PON port. After the configurations are complete, run the commit command to apply the parameters settings. After the configurations are complete, run the commit command to apply the parameters setting. The default GPON alarm profile 1 is used. The alarm thresholds for the default alarm profile are 0, which indicates that no alarm is generated.

In this example, the default alarm profile is used, and therefore the configuration of the alarm profile is not required.

huawei olt configuration

Run the gpon alarm-profile add command to configure a GPON alarm profile, which is used for monitoring the performance of an activated ONT line. The difference lies in this step.The local and remote port numbers are both Configure the DHCP service. Data Planning Table and Table describe data required for completing the configuration tasks. Connects to the aggregation switch S Connects to the PON.

Aggregation switch: S VLAN Connects to the primary Agile Controller server. Connects to the secondary Agile Controller server. VRRP group. Recovery delay of the VRRP group: 60 seconds. DHCP server. DNS server. IP address: IP address pool for APs. IP address pool for STAs. Authentication, authorization, and accounting AAA parameters. Portal server template. Name: huawei1 Portal server's IP address: Name: huawei2 Portal server's IP address: URL template.

Global source IP address. Portal access profile. MAC access profile. Authentication-free rule template. Authentication profile. AP group. Radio calibration.Gigabit passive optical network GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism providing end users with the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fiber transport network. Optical network terminal ONT is an optical modem that connects to the termination point with an optical cable. They both refer to the user side equipment in GPON network.

A small difference between them might be the application locations. ONU can work in different temperature and weather conditions. Its basic function is to control the float information in optical distribution network ODN to go in both directions. In addition, it coordinates the multiplexing between the ONT conversion devices.

There are two float directions for OLT system. One is the upstream direction to distribute different types of data and voice traffic from users. The other is the downstream direction which gets data, voice and video traffic from metro network or from a long-haul network and sends it to all ONT modules on the ODN.

If the control flag is active. You need to unbind the service first before delete the ONT. To troubleshoot the ONT, you should remember that the most important step is to connect your computer directly to the ONT to see if the problem goes away. You can use the Ethernet cable for connection. If the problem still exists, you can reconnect the ONT power supply to clear its internal cache.

If the network can not be restored after the above methods, maybe you need to consult professionals for help. COM is a good place to go. Different types of ONT and OLT equipment are provided with high integration, flexible adaption and great reliability to meet all your requirements. Skip to content.Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified section: display current-configuration section vlan display current-configuration section gpon display current-configuration section btv display current-configuration section device display current-configuration section post display current-configuration section abs display current-configuration section public display current-configuration section global.

Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified text is found: display current-configuration include CBD When connecting the broken SFP can see information on it such as active alarms: display alarm active all.

huawei olt configuration

Time info: display time display timezone display time dst display time time-stamp display time-range display ntp-service. Including other protection: display log security display security config display security conflict. I am Shahed. I currently work as a Sr. Network Engineer. I want to build up my carrier in Networking field.

Follow Me:. Hi Is there a way to set meth0 interface as a vlan port? Or at least add an IP alias on meth0?

All Command list of HUAWEI-HUAWEI

Sir, getting error [Failure: Command can not be executed rightly, the cause is: Loading backuping,rollbacking,duplicating… command being executed. Please retry later] while saving configuration. How to recover? How can I check a serial numbers of installed components fan,scun,prte,cards, etc.

GPON Monitoring system U2000 NMS for Huawei OLT ONT

Thanks for help. Sir, There is not displaying the saving process in my huawei olt. Hi Shahed, thank you for a great page!! Ive got one issue. We need to edit ONU description. Can i do that without deleting the service profiles, then the ONU and re-adding the whole ONU and its service profiles again? Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted.

huawei olt configuration

Shahed Hi! OLT Command Lists. August 1, at pm. Shahed says:. August 15, at pm. Mani says:. November 1, at am. November 27, at pm.

Functions of ONT and OLT in GPON Network

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Full-service distributed Optical Line Terminal OLT - building green, ultra-broadband, and intelligent aggregation access networks. Service processing is distributed from the control board to service boards, leading to higher switching capacity and system performance. Multiple uplinks are also configured to provide a secure and reliable operating environment.

A distributed architecture separates the control and forwarding planes, allowing software upgrades without any service interruption. User complaints are reduced and service downtime is eliminated. If you are already a Partner, please click here to get more marketing resources. Click here to visit the Partner zone to check enquiry status, manage orders, get support, or learn more about Huawei Partners.

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