Jotun factory egypt

El-Sonbaty Contracting Group engaged in the extraction of sand and gravel filters since also white used manufacture flat glass ceramics. Our innovation, creativity manufacturing abilities enabled us to develop as a leading-designers suppliers the acoustic industry basically Egyptian market. We produce Mesaha Sq. Doki No. EAP is also one of the biggest suppliers for raw materials used in paints industry Egyptian and International paint manufacturers Alkyds Resin. We are also exporting fresh fruits and frozen fruits to middle east and africa, we import chemicals.

IGMC is one of the middle east 's leading manufacturing companies in paints and chemical industry; we provide products in automotive, decorative, wood, industrial, and printing inks field. Chemical Partners Founded ina leading company the field of marketing and distribution raw materials for industries paints, coatings, inks chemical construction, thereby providing Egyptian, Arab African marketbest products cooperation with biggest global companies this We have a listed previous work with the largest contractors and constructions companies as detailed our website.

The company founded ninteen ninety fivethat grew up to become organization where multitalented people deliver the superior products and comparable service made has extra ordinary reputation for quality reliability.

After a sequence of great hits in the Egyptian market over 19 years, which gave us pioneer's position among all coating producers over Egypt, we found out that local doesn't any longer fit to occupy our remarkable powers growth, so started think invading new markets where can explode We are one of the market leaders companies in field Chemicals especially White spirit High FlashT.

We are Wafa Chemicals a specialized company in producing and selling Inks, Adhesives, Printing for our customers local international markets.

Jotun doubles production capacity with new facility in Rusayl

Bakka For Chemicals is a leading chemical distributor providing b 2 solutions for industrial companies and specialty chemicals in Egypt the middles east through our professionals teamstechnically oriented experts we offer innovative to wide range of companies. The develops, produces, distributes specialized chemical many areas of application the automotive, We are an export import co stablished in we and importing many productsList of our goods1-glass sheet from Romania2-roof tiles Cyprus, Italy3-Ceramic tile Italy Spain4-Furniture Spain5-Anti infra red paint GermanyList export1-Silica sand to be used football ground Cyprus2-Paint IGMC is an Egyptian leading company for high quality chemical and coating products multi purposes.

The develops, produces, distrbuites specialized many areas of application in the car refinishes, repair field, care decorative paints, wood coatings, printing inks, miscellaneous We, the International Company for Trading and Manufacturing Ntjatna display through the site of the World Trade Ali Baba and to further progress and open new markets in different countries.

Its services are unique with operations covering wide range of activities benefiting all Egyptian industry energy sectors well home owners. SGC's main asset is its Home Categories Regions Add new company listing. New Borg El Arab City-Alexandria-Egypt Chemical Partners Industry Chemical Partners Founded ina leading company the field of marketing and distribution raw materials for industries paints, coatings, inks chemical construction, thereby providing Egyptian, Arab African marketbest products cooperation with biggest global companies this Al Galal Company A.For more than 90 years, Jotun has been a pioneer in developing new products which have changed how the world perceives paint.

Today, Jotun provides coating solutions across seven regions with 9, employees all over the world. In Egypt, Jotun has started its business more than 30 years ago and has been migrating from being a product-based to solution-based business in response to the market demands and industrial dynamics.

As more consumers and businesses are turning to paints and coatings to help solve different challenges, Jotun has expanded its service offering in every segment to meet specific end user needs. With a team that has the most qualified and certified coating advisors in the market, all projects are monitored and moderated thoroughly and instantaneously.

Quality is the most important element when it comes to distinction, and according to Emam, it is often divided into two main parts. First, production quality, which is fully controlled by a qualified team who assure the right implementation of production procedure and then test it in the quality control lab.

jotun factory egypt

Second, testing the application quality, which is handled by coating advisors that support customers and assure a proper surface preparation and application. Jotun has over 40 years of experience in the hydrocarbon processing industry with millions of square meters protected and hundreds of projects completed around the world.

This is done through longer protection, faster operations, and diversified specialist areas ex: corrosion under insulation, tank-linings, passive fire protection PFP, etc. As a result, Jotun has developed solutions to satisfy customer needs and provide perceived customer values In the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry HPIJotun innovated the Thermosafe range, a collection of five coating solutions optimized for temperature that ranges between —o C and 1,o C.

Jotun is following up with the steady growth in Egypt according to Kulbul, and to cope with this potential, Jotun has decided to invest in a new factory, which will be the biggest in the Middle East, India and North Africa MEIA region, with a production capacity of more than 80 million liters in one shift, in addition to the old factory in Ismailia with a capacity of about more than 40 million liters.

According to Kulbul, employees are working in Jotun Egypt as of today and the current factory is serving more than 32 years.Jotun's new factory in Rusayl Industrial Estate has a production capacity of 50 million litres of paint per annum.

The new factory is built over an area of 60, square metres and has a production capacity of 50 million litres of paint per annum. The facility will have a lower carbon footprint and contribute to greater energy savings. According to Odd Gleditsch, chairman of Jotun Board in Norway, this capacity will fulfill market demands for the next 15 years.

jotun factory egypt

The facility is equipped with multiple departments such as production, warehouse and administrative offices and will emit less VOC volatile organic compounds emissions due to reduced use of hazardous emissions during construction. Bjorn Skjelby, general manager of Jotun Paints Oman, said that Jotun is enjoying a high demand in the market and expect to do more in the coming years in Oman. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. You can change your cookie settings through your browser.

Home Construction Article oman 22 November, Jotun doubles production capacity with new facility in Rusayl. Azizi eyes 3, Dubai residential units' completion in Egypt's NUCA allocates 32 land plots in new cities. Dubai FM. Most Active Stocks. Privacy Statement Cookie Policy.The Jotun Group is a Norwegian chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative paints and performance coatings marine, protective and powder coatings.

As of Decemberthe company has a presence in more than countries around the world, with more than 10, employees, 63 companies in 45 countries, and 37 production facilities in 21 countries.

Jotun began as a paints and marine provisions provider in Sandefjord, Norway in the early s. Sandefjord was a popular homeport for whaling shipswhich used to get laid up in port every summer for repairs and maintenance.

The company's founder, Odd Gleditsch had worked on whaling ships and felt there was a demand for such a provider in this whaling town. During those days, paint stores usually sold pigmentsturpentine and linseed oil separately, leaving it to purchasers to buy and mix them. He purchased a small existing chemical manufacturing factory called Jotun in In the early s, the company made its first popular ready paint called Arcanol which he marketed to ship owners and shipyards, a strategy that Jotun continued to invest in.

The s and 30s saw a boom in Norwegian shipping, especially in its drycargo and tanker fleet and Jotun was about to take advantage of this. To ensure an adequate stock existed in all principal ports for these Norwegian shipowners, Jotun began stocking paints in North Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Jotun establishes paint factory worth EGP 1.2bn in 10th of Ramadan City - Daily News Egypt

As the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries developed in the s, Jotun began to market its products to ship suppliers there. The founder's son Odd Gleditsch Jr. Working with the Norwegian export council, he travelled to Libya where Jotun built its first overseas factory in InJotun opened its second international factory in Thailand.

InJotun opened a trading office in Hong Kong. During this time, Jotun established a separate company called "Jotun coatings" which focused on the manufacture of paints. In the s, the company began to develop powder coatings which would be solvent free. The Jotun Group has four divisions, with its head office in Sandefjord[4] Norway.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jotun Group Type. Jotun paints international. Jotun official website. Retrieved 23 April Gulf News asked Erik Aaberg, group executive vice-president for Jotun Paints, if the paint business was different from others.

Gulf News : Jotun Paints has a strong foothold in the Middle East and is catering to a very large range of customers.

Middle East is a growth region: Jotun Paints official

Does this mean the business is somehow safe owing to its broad base? Erik Aaberg : First of all we have a long tradition in the Gulf. Our first factory was launched in to supply Dubai Drydocks with ship paint. Since then, we continuously expanded in the region in the industrial and decorative sector. Today, we are having a strong network in the decorative paints market, in marine coating as well as in protective and powder coating with a wide-ranging dealership.

The UAE, however, currently is still our biggest market in volume even as the region might have experienced a slowdown. Paints are a late cycle business, meaning that we are still supplying large projects which otherwise are already finished.

Among the bigger projects, the order from the Dubai Metro is the biggest ever in the region for Jotun, and this will continue with the second phase, the Green Line.

Also the marine paint sector is doing well.

jotun factory egypt

For the Metro, we used acrylic paint, bridge protection coating and fireproof paint. It was an order of around Dh million. Another huge project was the Burj Khalifa, for which we delivered interior paint, wall painting and protectives.

Other orders came from Meydan, Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches or Masdar City, where we are applying special paints for heat protection. It is right to assume that the impact of the slower business environment will follow later, of course.

There is no compensation for a big project such as the Dubai Metro. But we have not seen any orders being cancelled so far. However, there was [a] slowdown in the decorative paints segment of minus 12 per cent compared to May or June In Dubai, there are currently very few new projects coming in, we expect the next two to three business years to be quite slow compared to what we haven seen in the years before.

No, the partial slowdown in the Dubai is compensated by our activities in Abu Dhabi as well as in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where a lot of projects are on the way.

Jotun establishes paint factory worth EGP 1.2bn in 10th of Ramadan City - Daily News Egypt

Our regional sales grew 8 per cent inand we expect a sales growth between per cent in Furthermore, the marine business and the coating segment for the oil and gas industry are stable.

In Dubai, I think But this also applies to the Western world. The Middle East is still a growth region.

As I said, there are huge projects in Saudi Arabia under way, in Oman our growth was ten per cent last year, Qatar's upswing will continue, Egypt is very promising, and we look very closely at Iran, Syria and Jordan. We won't reach growth rates of per cent as we did two years ago, but we will still reach per cent. Malaysia was recently named Jotun's new manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia. We are closing our factory in Singapore and opening a bigger one near Kuala Lumpur.

We [hold] an average 25 per cent market share in the region. Of course, this differs from country to country. We employ 1, people in the region, 1, of them work in the paints segment.Jotun Paints Company completes the inauguration of a new factory in the 10th of Ramadan City during the second quarter of with an investment worth EGP 1.

Mohamed El-Rifai, director of paints for the petroleum sector and marine services at Jotun company, said that the production capacity of the plant will be 70m litres per year with one shift.

jotun factory egypt

The company is establishing the factory to expand its production size. Jotun possesses a factory in Ismailia province that produces 40m litres annually with three shifts. The Norwegian Jotun Group possesses 70 vendors in 44 countries around the world, and 14 production factories. The company spends large amounts of money annually to develop its marketing technology. He added that Jotun supplied paints to a large number of national projects, including three power plants implemented by Siemens in Borollos, Beni Suef, and the New Administrative Capital.

The company also supplied paints needed for the equipment and drilling machines at the Zohor field. The company is seeking to supply paints to the Dabaa nuclear power plant by the beginning of its implementation. He noted that the company has developed a strategy for the development of its products and the launch of new high-quality products to be commensurate with the tastes of consumers and distinguished by their colours and durability, thereby contributing to an annual sales increase.

He said that the company has operated in the local market since and had established its first factory in the city of Ismailia in He explained that the Egyptian market is attractive for investment and is characterised by the existence of legislation and laws that encourage the international companies to inject investments in all fields, especially after the security and economic stability currently experienced by the country.

He said that the lack of foreign currency in the Egyptian market affects the company in light of its dependence on the purchase of most of the raw materials used in production from Germany and Norway. Advertising Area. Business Jotun establishes paint factory worth EGP 1. February 21, Breaking News No current breaking news. Receive our daily newsletter.Jotun provides professional advice and more environmentally friendly, high performance paints, anticorrosive coatings, passive fire protection coatings and floor coatings for factories globally.

Narrow down the list by selecting the type of product you are looking for. Add to list. Jotafloor Coating has been trowel applied to give a glossy seamless finish. The unit is used for heavy industrial works. Factories Jotun provides professional advice and more environmentally friendly, high performance paints, anticorrosive coatings, passive fire protection coatings and floor coatings for factories globally. Products Brochures References. Overview of Jotun products for factories.

Filter Displaying 77 products. Jotun Super Durable Type: Powder coating. Jotun Durasol Type: Powder coating. Jotun Facade Type: Powder coating. Jotaguard RB Type: Powder coating. Primax Protect Type: Powder coating Excellent corrosion resistance on steel Excellent inter-coat adhesion Very good degassing properties Very good edge coverage and flow. Primax Xtend Type: Powder coating Excellent corrosion protection on steel Lower powder consumption and application cost Reduces activities and cost of waste disposal, handling and transportation Reduces maintenance cost of the application equipment.

Hardtop One Type: Topcoat Excellent colour and gloss retention One component simplicity Excellent application properties by brush, roller and airless spray. Hardtop Optima Type: Topcoat Excellent colour- and gloss retention Very good abrasion- and chemical resistance Sustainable. Hardtop Pro Type: Topcoat Very good colour- and gloss retention Excellent application properties by airless spray, brush and roller Very good chemical resistance and low dirt pick up.

Hardtop Smart Pack Type: Topcoat Excellent application properties by brush and roller Easy mixing ratio Direct to metal properties.

Hardtop XP Type: Topcoat Good colour- and gloss retention Excellent application properties by airless spray Tailor made variants available. Barrier Type: Anticorrosive coating Designed for severe corrosive environments Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle All-year-round.

Barrier 65 Type: Anticorrosive coating Designed for corrosive environments Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle All-year-round. Barrier 77 Type: Anticorrosive coating Designed for corrosive environments Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle All-year-round. Barrier 80 Type: Anticorrosive coating Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle Designed for severe corrosive environments High solids.

Barrier 90 Type: Anticorrosive coating Designed for severe corrosive environments Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle All-year-round. Barrier Plus Type: Anticorrosive coating Zinc epoxy with zinc silicate properties Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle All-year-round. Barrier Smart Pack Type: Anticorrosive coating High solids ceramically reinforced zinc rich epoxy mixing ratio Surface tolerant.

Hardtop AX Type: Topcoat Very good colour- and gloss retention and chemical resistance High sag resistance, minimal spray dust and low temperature curing Reduced environmental impact. Jota Armour Type: Anticorrosive coating Spray application — no trowelling High build — one coat system Non-slip surface.

Mixing Epoxy Paint PT(1) - Jotacote 605

Jotafloor Filler Type: Flooring fillers Superior abrasion resistance Compressive strength higher than concrete.


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